Builders and Artificers are very important people in the modern world. Many are driven by gold, others by acclaim and others just love making stuff. The crafting of constructs is different from crafting magic items in that you do not have to do continuous work. They can be completed over time.

Some changes:

  1. Anyone can pick up the craft magic feats.
  2. Any prereq that was previously (Caster Level X) will change to (Caster Level X) OR (HD X).
  3. Spells required for any items may now be gained through others casting the spells or the use of magic items.
  4. Scrolls may be used by non spellcasters for this purpose, but only this purpose.
  5. All other items need to be operated as normal.
  6. Crafting no longer takes XP
    1. Now it is only the full value of the item in materials.
    2. These materials may be found/scavenged/whatever and must relate to the item being built.
  7. This can be fun and creative. I am prepared to make interesting uses of spells or abilities into items. If you are unsure of spell uses, you can tell me what you want it to do and I can help with the specifics. Often forgers are taught spell forms that work there way into some part of the item. Each has distinctive runes.

Examples: A cloak of displacement: The craftsman doesn’t need to cast displacement if he gets an actual hide of a Displacer. But he doesn’t require it as long as he casts it on the hide of another creature.

The Maastraki warriors, known for their unarmed combat, were greatly underestimated when they first started marauding since they carried no weapons. But people shortly learned that their bracers harbored powerful fire arrows which could be fired from a great distance. In this situation they have craftsmen who build bracers that cast scorching ray once per round.

The Luxxons are known for their swords that can produce a short ranged static charge they fire prior to engaging in melee. This is usable occasionally on melee strikes and is particularly effective against Constructs. Shocking Grasp is the base spell but with different uses. 3/day the weapon, in this case a sword, it can cast shocking grasp as either a ranged attack (Short) or as part of an attack action. In addition, it deals and extra 1d6 damage to constructs.

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