Skill Costs

The cost is based on the character’s current skill level times the cost of the Skill Type being purchased.

Skill Type: The number of skill points awarded.
Max Int: This is maximum int modifier this skill level will allow.
Cost: This is the price per skill level that you wish to purchase.

Example: For the first skill level character A spends 125 xp to get the 8 skills. For the second skill level character A wants 6 skill points to cut the cost a bit. So it would be 200 xp. (100 times 2, the level he is purchasing.)

Skill Type Max Int Cost
2 2 50 time Level
4 3 75 time Level
6 4 100 time Level
8 See Below* 125 time Level

Special: If the character selects 8 points than they get 1.5 times their Int to a max of 8.

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Skill Costs

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