List of Skills

Here is the new list of skills that will be used in this campaign.

Review the Skill Changes for how things will be a bit different.

Skill Ability Untrained Armor Check
Appraise Dex Yes No
Balance Dex Yes Yes
Bluff Cha Yes No
Climb Str Yes Yes
Concentration Con Yes No
Craft (_) Wis or Int Yes No
Diplomacy Cha Yes No
Disable Device Int No No
Disguise Cha Yes No
Escape Artist Dex Yes Yes
Handle Animal Cha No No
Intimidate Cha Yes No
Jump Str Yes Yes
Arcana Int No No
Arch & Engineering Int No No
Dungeoneering Int No No
Geography Int No No
History Int No No
Local Int No No
Nature Int No No
Religion Int No No
The Planes Int Yes No
Open Lock Dex No No
Perception Wis Yes No
Perform Cha Yes No
Ride Dex Yes No
Search Int Yes No
Sense Motive Wis Yes No
Sleight of Hand Dex No Yes
Speak Languages Int No
Spellcraft Int No No
Stealth Dex Yes Yes
Survival Wis Yes No
Tumble Des No Yes

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List of Skills

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