Mindas The Ruined Lands

Mindas Log
The adventure begins

Welcome to Midas the Ruined Lands.

The night was aglow with the night stars and the Eye of Arpoc. It was light enough that many could see far over the desert. The town of Warsha was busy with the spring festival. It had been a good year, so there was much celebrating. Many had journeyed far and wide to come here and they weren’t disappointed. It was truly a wonderful site to see.

Warsha normally would not be able to support this many people but many of the Ibod brought tents and their Sun Caravans. It was like something the men and woman had heard about in the ancient stories. There would be much story telling this evening. The old Groits would have many listeners right now. Many younglings would want to be dazzled.

One of the most famous was there. He was a small man from the innermost desert. His bald head almost always had a hat with his multicolored specks dangling for ease of access. People often commented on his choice of traveling companions as many had never seen moving rock. He was of the old breed. He rarely used the Sun Caravans or camels. He preferred to walk or have his rock carry him about. His magics were thought to be even older than he. Some say he was around before the Chaos, but few believe it.

As the air grew chilly, the large bonfire was lit. The little man walked around the fire. His shadows were strange. People thought they saw demons and dragons, only to blink them away. Surely, just a trick of the fire.

After seven passes he stopped. The sand at his feet formed a pillar for him to stand upon to look over the crowd. It was tall enough to grow over the tallest of people around. Those few that had seen him speak commented to others, ‘Surely Master Glim has never begun the resuscitation like this. I believe we are in for a treat.’

His eyes had a burning glow and he began to speak: ‘In a time log ago, before the Eye of Arpoc, the world was torn asunder by the mighty rift. It is said, the details are lost in time but I know the way of it. I know what happened. I heard from ancestors of the mighty battle between Ahmrat the Dark, ruler of the North and Edra, Empress of the land of Sheo’lia. Their war and hubris brought the mixing. No longer were our lands separated from the Chaos worlds. No longer was there a gate holding the strangeness back. Here is that story…’

He went on well into the night. Ears, antenna, cilia, eyes, stalks; they all were intent upon the little man. Paws and wings were held in check and few noises were heard other than Glim’s voice. Even Glum, his faithful rock, didn’t stir. It was a time no one here would forget as several people in the crowd would be tied to this story for the rest of their lives.

Please see the wiki for rules and background information on Mindas.


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