The Great Schism

The eastern most border of Mindas is an incredibly deep chasm also known as ‘The Scar’, ‘Under the Eye’ or just ‘The Canyon’.

Excerpts from the pages of ‘History of Mindas’ by the historian Meethtal Harsha

From all accounts we have at the time there were two mighty forces battling in the Great North: Ahmrat the Dark, ruler of the North and Edra, Empress of the Island nation of Sheo’lia. The northern armies were threatening the precursor to Mindas, Mindosia, and several people went to fight Ahmrat in his home ground. As Mindosia and the North fought, they sent Edra and her army. Though it was small, it was said to be formidable.

For days battle ensued on the plains of Argoth. The brave Mindosian soldiers fought but were being pressed back when a noise like nothing anyone has ever heard erupted over the land. Demons and other hellspawn were unleashed. The two armies were forced to band together to fight this new evil. After several minutes a blinding white light appeared and fire from the Ancient Gods rained down to help defeat the outsiders.

As we know, the plains of Argoth are close enough to see the eye without feeling any ill affects. Our world was sealed forever. We abandoned the rest of the world to the demons but we were safe. Only Edra and Shyrrock, her main adviser, came back to Mindas. But after a little time, Edra went with the gods to their homeland. She is said to live eternally in the shell of her former palace. Shyrrock stayed to help fight and after a time sacrificed himself to strengthen the barrier.

May the brave warriors of that time be remembered always in our prayers. Jhastine be with them.

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The Great Schism

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