As part of the New XP system, characters purchase Skills.

  1. At character creation the character selects 10 skills as their ‘Known’ skills.
    1. These skills are allowed to have a maximum rank of 3 + Skill Level.
    2. Unknown skills take 2 skill points per rank and the max is half of Known skills max.
  2. The character will now have a Skill Level
    1. It is defined as the number of times they have purchased skills of any type.
    2. At first skill level the character gains 4 times the number they’d normally get.
  3. Synergy Bonuses
    1. Synergy Bonuses will be the same as the PHB (3.5 pg66) except that it will only give a + 1 bonus for every 5 ranks instead of a + 2 at 5 ranks.
    2. Please discuss with the DM any additional synergy bonuses you believe should apply.

Skill Costs
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Skill Changes
Skill Feats

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