Racial Abilities - Extra

Breath Weapon
You were born with a burning belly that allows you to spew all over your enemies.
Cost: 100 xp
Benefit: The character gains a Breath Weapon they can use once a day. Upon purchase they choose either a 30’ Cone or a 60’ Line as well as an energy type. They may chose from fire, electricity, cold or acid. Damage is 1d6 per 2 HD and the DC is (10 + 1/2HD + Con or Cha modifier)
Special: Player may gain breath feats Racial Feats

Cost: 250 xp
Prerequisite: Dex 16
Benefit: You can make a hide check when in partial cover.

You were born with wings that allow for gliding.
Cost: 700 xp
Benefit: The character gains wings. These can be used only for gliding for limited amounts of time. The character cannot glide if they are carrying a medium or heavy load unless they also have the Squat Stature ability.
Special: Player may gain flying feats Racial Feats

Your eyes can see in the dark.
Cost: 300 xp
Benefit: Gain Darkvision 60’.

Long Legs
Your legs are either slightly longer, resembles a large grasshopper or camel’s.
Cost: 200 xp
Benefit: Your base speed increases by 10’.

Extra Legs
Cost: 100 xp
Benefit: Your base speed increases by 10’ but any armor’s price and supplies require 25% more than normal and you are treated as one size category larger for vehicles and transport.

Extra Arms
Cost: 300 xp
Benefit: You have an additional set of arm like appendages (described as the character and DM agree on).
Special: Only one arm is considered the primary arm. All the others are off hand attacks.

You are at least 8’ tall.
Cost: 300 xp
Benefit: You get reach and a – 1 AC and to hit.

You can change your appearance.
Cost: 500 xp
Benefit: You can use Alter Self at will as a Standard Action.

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Racial Abilities - Extra

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