Ash Stoneskin

Tech Mage


One day there was a great family that was expecting a great happiness. That day was fast approaching and the anticipation was that they would have a son that would be able to inherit the family duties. They were proud that they did not have visible mutations and the status that awarded them as well. The day came and a son was born, but he had a visible mutation. He skin was covered in stone. His father turned away in disgust. As his mother held the new born son staring at him lovingly his father order the servant to ’"dispose" of the filth and left. The servant and the midwife were touched by the mothers love of her newborn son. They conspired with her to hide the boy and deliver him to the safety of an orphanage. He lived.

It was not a good life but it is hard when you are alone in the world. The other kids bullied him and he was always smaller than the other kids. He always tried to talk and reason with the other kids but that made them angrier with him and his beatings were worse. He started to show talents with magics and could recognize letters and symbols easily. He always dreamed about going to the university. Life woould be so much better for him if he could just get there. After a few issues with a few other kids the head of the orphanage thought it would be better for him to go to the university. They had been given a nice sum to care for the kid that they named Ash and gladly passed it on to the mages to get him away from themselves.

That is his story, the boy that no one wanted, never really liked nor looked after but just used for what he could do for others.

The university was not the utopia that he expected. In his mind everything should always black and white, right or wrong, grey was for those that couldn’t make up their mind.
He made his way at the university by contacting out his talents with reading and writting for others to set up contracts and merchant deals. He started to show some abilities with creating new tech and was enrolled in the tech classes for a while. His little toys helpped suppliment his cash for each class he needed to stay at the university. His friends were few and they rarely had leisure time to spend together, mostly talking about classes and what ideas that they could come up with to impress the professors at a local student bar.

Then one day the head mages came to him during studies and was told that he was leaving to retrieve a book. That he had been hired to locate and return a journal of importance. This journey would be the beginning and the end of the life that he knew.

Ash Stoneskin

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