Rand the Horned

Monk/futar handler


birthplace: Janninparva

bio: Born of Lynn and Catherine, Rand come from poor means. His father supported his family by working in a metal production factory, while his mother stayed home to raise him. She passed away when he was 8, and his father departed shortly after from a broken heart, poor health and a lifetime of hard work with nothing to show for it. Rand lived on the streets among the broken and forgotten, doing what he could to survive. Seeking to escape a life of defeat, he joined the order of monks dedicated to Kraytol. Living among and training with them, he found purpose and dedicated his life to help those weak and forgotten. The abuse of futars is common, and something that Rand witnessed firsthand in the mines that made slaves of them. Rand traveled to Eilean Caerkin, where he became a trained handler, in the hopes of educating and elevating futars from the lower rungs of society, despite not really knowing where to start or how to even accomplish this. He has a futar named Loki, whom he saved from a handler who was going to have Loki put down. He treats Loki as his equal.

Appearance – wears the green and yellow garb of his order. Always wears a medallion of Kraytol that belonged to his mother.

Rand the Horned

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